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576047-070.pdf 576047-070 Rev F Mag Sump Sensor Brochure
Mag Sump Sensor uses proven magnestostrictive technology to detect, with fast reaction and recovery times, the presence of hydrocarbons and water. Also features monitor that alarms if sensor is moved.
576047-122_F.pdf 576047-122 TLS-RF Wireless 2 System for Underground Storage Tank (UST) Applications Data Sheet (900-928 MHz Operating Frequency)
TLS-RF Wireless 2 system connects to TLS console to monitor site tanks and sensors in the 900 to 928 MHz frequency range. Full site monitoring functionality without installing expensive forecourt wiring.
576047-208.pdf 576047-208 Rev. A - Position Sensitive Interstitial Sensor (PSIS)
576047-356_B.pdf Veeder-Root HydrX Fuel Conditioning System eBook (576047-356)
576047-515.pdf Veeder-Root & NOV Bundle Financing Program Frequently Asked Questions
577013-704.pdf 577013-704 Rev A TLS-300/TLS-350/TLS-350R Quick Help (Dutch)
Brief guide to console features (front panel controls) and operation (printing reports, acknowledging alarms, changing printer paper, etc.)
577013-964.pdf 577013-964 Rev J TLS RF Wireless 2 System (W2) Installation and Maintenance Guide
Instructions for installing TLS-RF wireless 2 system components and connection to TLS console.
Insite360-Ethernet_Card_Bundle_Program_053014.pdf Insite360 TCP/IP Promo
TCP-IP_Promo_Flyer.pdf Insite360 TCP/IP Flyer